Speak Out

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My sweetheart
My daughter is sixteen years-old now and will forever be in a seven-year's old mind because she was born with Intellectual Disabilities. We did not have a medical diagnoses until she was the age of 10. I was floored. Why? Blame, anger, resentment and basically shutting down and shutting everyone else out. No one understands the amount of time invested in trying to help a child with disabilities. Because not only was she diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilites, but mood disorder, ADHD, and ODD. I have been so tired of having to explain my situation to others, because my daughter looks "normal", but her intelligence will never be. So tired of the ignorance of even family members who continue to use the word "retard" flippantly. My daughter is creative, outgoing, loving, sensitive, resilient, a Christian, and non-judgemental. Others might say she "acts out" when she doesn't get her way, I say it's her way of using her Voice to be heard and to stand up for herself. God loves you S

About Me:

I am a mother and a wife. I have three kids, one of which was born with Intellectual Disabilities. I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But, would love to find a job where I can be a voice for those who can't and teach those who don't to find theirs.