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1st Central American and the Caribbean Unified Soccer Tournament

The Special Olympics 1st Central America and the Caribbean Unified Soccer Tournament in Costa Rica is almost here. With the participation of 12 countries: Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, USA and Nicaragua, the event will promote a message of acceptance and respect through sports. This great soccer celebration will take place from May 8th - 17th of 2013. More than 190 athletes, 48 coaches, 200 volunteers, and 100 families will participate. It will be an event where athletes will represent their countries and will demonstrate that soccer is the most popular and powerful sport capable of creating hope and overcoming cultural barriers. In addition, this event will be the region´s classificatory for the Special Olympics Unified Football World Cup in Brazil. The countdown just started to see our athletes become real champions in the field.

About Me:

I am the Communications Coordinator for the Special Olympics Latin America Region.