Honorary "Congresswoman" Kayla McKeon

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Special Oympics New York Athlete Kayla McKeon experiences a day in the life of Congressman Peter King.
Kayla McKeon experienced first hand what is was like to be in the hot seat of politics on Capitol Hill Day. As Congressman Peter King was called to congress to vote, Kayla was offered to try out his desk for size and see if she could reach the President on the phone. Kayla is used to the pressure playing as a Special Olympics New York hockey goalie. On the rink she can often be heard taunting her competitors with her favorite saying "Not in my house." Sounds like something a politician might say. She even sounded like a seasoned politician as she stressed the importance of Special Olympics and the profound impact it has had on her life to Members of Congress and staff. To say the least, Congressman's King's staff treated us like royalty and we are so thankful for his incredible support of Special Olympics and co-sponsoring the EKS Act. But don't leave your desk for too long, "Congresswoman Kayla" does have a nice ring to it.

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