Special Olympics changed my life

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Special Olympics State Winter Games.
Special Olympics to me is a good organization for athletes to be tbemselves where my best is good enough. Special Olympics wants me to be bealthy. Healthy Athletes has provided me with hearing and dental screenings. They have also tested my eyes and gave me new glasses and sports goggles to use while Im playing Floor Hockey and Basketball. Special Olympics has changed my life. Now I know what it feels like to be strong and confident. I am around people who believe in me. I am a part of a team. We work together and support each other. I am now in the community working at a tire and auto body shop. I go into the schools and talk to kids about Special Olympics and becoming a unified partner. I have great friends. I am strong. Now I know I can do anything because I am a Special Olympics athlete.

About Me:

I am 23 years old. I live in Idaho. I play Basketball, Floor Hockey, and will try Track and Field this summer. I love NASCAR. I just went to Washington DC and was honored to represented Special Olympics Idaho at Capitol Hill Day 2013.