New Brunswick HS holds Respect Week

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Jessenia at New Brunswick HS.
Yesterday, Special Olympics New Jersey athlete Jessenia G. shared her story of growing up and living with spina bifida with the students of New Brunswick High School during their Respect Week assembly. She spoke about how her mom ignored the doctors who told her all the things her daughter would NOT be able to do; about her experiences feeling left out and being treated differently because she was in a wheelchair and didn’t look or move like the rest of the kids. Jess reminded the students not to judge or think someone can’t do something because they do it differently or it takes longer and that all kids, all people want to be respected and loved and have friends. NBHS also hosted a Unified basketball clinic last Sunday, held peer discussions and signed a Spread the Word to End the Word banner during their Week of Respect.

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Katy Lido is the communications manager for Special Olympics New Jersey.