Brights Your Day

I am a very proud parent of the most beautiful little girl in the world. She is 13 months old and has Down syndrome. Her name is Emily. I don't know how or why but she has such a special gift of brightening anyone’s day. She has a very special way of making contact with people that makes their hearts melt. Her smile, which is constant, can bring the sunshine into any rainy day. People fall in love with her instantly, and she does with them as well. People want to be associated and connected with her from the moment they meet. They love her so much that people who attend church with us refer to her as their baby. They say things such as, “How is our baby doing?” Emily has a very special gift, which is a gift that few people have. Her gift is the gift of loving everyone around her and bringing joy to all who meet her. Her gift brings pure happiness to literally everyone she meets. She can do this with no effort at all. And do it better than I, or anyone else I have ever known can.

About Me:

I am a parent of a beautiful little girl who has Down syndrome. My wife and I feel so blessed, honored and humbled to be the parents of such a wonderful, love-filled angel. I am in law enforcement and my wife is a teacher.