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Launching a New Partnership!

Vicki Tilley, representing Special Olympics FUNfitness, poses with Urbano Zamora, Gensco Labs VP of Operations, and Gary Walters, Gensco Lab VP of Corporate Development.
Realizing our athletes work hard to train and compete, Special Olympics FUNfitness forged a new partnership to provide assistance and education to athletes, coaches, and families. Gensco Labs, a leader in products that decrease pain and inflammation, will provide information and free samples of its product to athletes. Inflam-X PRO is applied to the skin and reduces pain and inflammation in muscle, joint, and nerves. Transdermal technology allows ingredients to penetrate below the surface of the skin. It does not interfere with medications and has no known side effects. Inflam-X PRO will be part of a new initiative in FUNfitness called the Community Corner, implemented in 2013 and 2014, to let families and coaches talk to physical therapy professionals from their community. “How often in life do you have the opportunity to be involved in an endeavor that is so worthwhile and yet walk away feeling touched," said Gary Walters, Gensco Lab VP of Corporate Development, of the partnership.

About Me:

Vicki Tilley is a global clinical advisor for Special Olympics Healthy Athletes for its FUNfitness discipline.


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