My Gratitude

From Puebla, Mexico. First, we want to thank the great attention paid to the Mexican delegation while in Korea for the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games. Second, my daughter Adriana Irene Ortega Hdez had the opportunity to compete in speed skating and thanks to the Healthy Athletes program,  Irene has glasses and can see much better. Third, I would like to acknowledge the great opportunity that was given to participate and represent Mexico in the Unified Sports program, and finally, to thank Secretary Shin Chang Jung Hee Won Onnuri L / C, who granted a dedication to Irene (wish I could get in touch to thank you personally for your words to my daughter) and thank all those athletes and all Korean organization shared and dedicated his friendship with our Mexican boys. Many thanks!

About Me:

I am a father of Irene Fernando Ortega, our family is formed by María Teresa (mother), and Deyko (sister), are from Puebla, Mexico, want and support Irene very much. It is with great satisfaction and pride that we see all the achievements you have made, Irene.


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