Running a marathon and raising money for the Special Olympics

Running a marathon
Bringing my boys to their first Special Olympics Winter Games!
I felt inspired by a presentation at a podiatry meeting this summer on research which analyzed foot-to-shoe mismatches found during “Fit Feet” screenings at Special Olympic Games. I was amazed that over 40% of athletes had an improperly fitting shoe! Out of 4 million athletes in 185 countries, this can add up, and knowledge of this data can help prevent potential injury due to lack of stability. Up until this point, I did not consider the physical challenges that accompany the intellectual disabilities. It is truly amazing to watch the drive these athletes have to overcome multiple hurdles. The love and passion of the competition, of the sport, and of sharing the field with their peers is something that everyone must experience. Coming back from that meeting, I immediately wanted to help out, and agreed to run the Boston marathon and raise $5,500 to help divert costs for our athletes. I was motivated to join the movement, come join me and help fund our Special Olympic athletes!

About Me:

I'm in my final year of residency at BIDMC specializing in podiatric medicine & surgery (i.e. foot stuff). My time living in Boston is running out, and I'm completing my bucket list before moving back to Milwaukee, WI! Many of you that know me well know that I am a goal setter and like to challenge myself. This one is a little different compared to the rest, and this “challenge” if you will, has turned into more than something to cross off a list.


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