Virginia Athlete Honored as Kroger's Regional Employee of the Year

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Congratulations to Special Olympics VA athlete Paul Marretti, who was just named Kroger's Regional Employee of the Year! Marretti, 37, has given voice to individuals with intellectual disabilities in his hometown of Chesterfield, throughout Virginia, the United States, and globally. On the sports front, Marretti currently plays basketball, softball and soccer. He also has held numerous leadership roles, including serving on the Special Olympics VA Board of Directors, and on the Special Olympics VA Program & Planning Committee. In 2008, Marretti was named to the United States Leadership Council for Special Olympics Inc, where he continues to serve. Marreti truly is a leader amongst his peers—including those at Special Olympics, at Kroger where he works, at Knights of Columbus, and at People First, where he volunteers. By showing how capable he is, others’ attitudes about disabilities are changed for the better, and he fosters an environment of mutual acceptance & respect for all.

About Me:

Special Olympics VA's Director of Public Relations and a proud friend of Paul Marretti's.