Before Special Olympics

We (my 2 boys & I) were always home, too afraid (because of seizures} to do sports and we are good at most sports that we do in the back yard or in the neighborhood. Then we found Special Olympics and found a world where we have seizures, seizures don't have us & found out we were GREAT at sports! So we do Special Olympics Washington sports year round! Plus I met my soon to be husband (9 years friendship & 2 months of dating & 9 months of engagement = 1 great friendship & romance) & my boys a dad they always wanted and needed. Thank you Special Olympics not only for a new confidence in life but also a new family & a new community of special needs friends & family (many of them Special Olympics people) are in our wedding. By the way, wedding is June 14th 2013! You're invited to come!

About Me:

I have dyslexia (numeral & alphabetical) and seizures, own my own home and am a divorced single empty nester mom. Love sports tried almost all the sports available in my area except swimming and power lifting and I am a Christian (Mormon).