The unified basketball tournament

When we went to the unified basketball tournament on Sunday March 10th, we had a good time there. We had our own room to put our stuff in. When we got inside, the teams that we were going against were tough. Then we ate lunch together and had a good time. The athletes that scored were Linda, Molly, Katie, Felix, Rafael, Brenda, Zach, Hunter, Jacob, Abby,and Mike. After that, we went to McDonald's. We were in 3rd place so we got bronze medals. The first game we played against the Brewser Bears was a tie. The other teams had awesome defense. It was awesome to watch when other teams try to score. It was a fun basketball tournment to watch at New Platz. My favorite part at the basketball tournament was the other teams scoring.

About Me:

I am a 9th grader and I attend Sleepy Hollow High School, the home of the Headless Horsemen. I participate on our Special Olympics Pioneer League team. This was our first time playing in a Unified tournament.