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First Table Tennis Seminar in Warsaw, Poland

Group Portrait at the Warsaw Table Tennis Seminar
Table Tennis Seminar Participants
Fifteen participants from 12 countries -- Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine -- took part in the first-ever Special Olympics Regional Table Tennis Seminar in Warsaw, Poland on 15-17 March 2013. The Seminar was held at the Mercure Grand Hotel with the practical part taking place in the neighboring school`s gymnastic hall. All participants attended regular training sessions in the morning and coached Special Olympics Poland athletes in the afternoon. A big part of the Seminar agenda focused on Unified Sports and Unified Table Tennis information connected with the 2014 European Games with a Unified Table Tennis component. We appreciate Ela Madejska, SOEE Table Tennis advisor for conducting this Seminar as well as Special Olympics Poland.

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