Traveling Special Olympics Athlete

300 Traveling Athlete
Together we can do it all...
I started out in Champaign, Illinois, at 9 years old, loved my Special Olympics friends and teammates. Then at 15, my family moved and settled down in Springfield, Illinois. Lived there for 23 years and participated in Special Olympics all that time. Met so many great friends, and one special best friend, we did everything together the entire 23 years, we competed against each other and with each other. I became a Global Messenger, went to Nationals and helped Special Olympics in every way possible. Now, my family has moved to Vero Beach, Florida. I am starting a new chapter in my life, but the one constant thing will be me and Special Olympics.

About Me:

I am 38 old, have been in Special Olympics 29 years. I participate in Aquatics, Bowling, Equestian, Unified Golf, Gymnastics, Volleyball and I'm a Global Messenger. My family has supported me all the way.