LCIF Chairman Tam given global leadership award in Shanghai

Mr. Tam Wing-Kun, with Mary Gu, Regional President and Managing Director for Special Olympics East Asia

During a trip to China March 29, Mr. Tam Wing-Kun, current chairman of Lions Clubs Internationl Foundation and former president of Lions Clubs International, was recognized at the 13th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry where he addressed attendees with a speech focused on “Lions Vision for Sight in China and Globe”. He also attended a luncheon given by Special Olympics East Asia in his honor where he met leaders of other Special Olympics partners including Louise Chen, COO of Shanghai Essilor, Davide Righetto, Safilo China Country Manager and Qu Jia, President of Wenzhou Medical College. Mr. Tam expressed his commitment to Special Olympics and called on his colleagues to do more for the movement.

“The Special Olympics Movement has a root in caring about the health problems of people with intellectual disabilities, that’s also the foundation for our cooperation and future partnership,” he said. “In coming days, we need to expand our project to a larger scale."

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