My Life With Autism

My life with autism is greate. I might have trouble in some way but I always have people there for me. I know people think I am not smart well, I have to tell them wrong. I have good report cards, I go to a good school to help me with my autism. I love having autism because I can tell my friends I have it and they can ask me things about it because they might know some one with it. And if i do not know I can come here on facebook. I know a lot of pages on here that can help me.I do not tell everyone i have it because people think I am playing. Autism is nothing to play with. Every one with autism are not the same. Like me i am still trying to see what level of autism I am. I know a kid that is like 10 years old that I can ask if I have anything about autism and his mom is a nurse so I can just ask her about it.

About Me:

Hello my name is Devante i am 17 i turn 18 this month on the 24 i also have something called autism i live with my mom and two brothers i love my how family and i want to say thanks for sharing this.


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