Health Info for Athletes, Real-Life Experience for Health Students

As a Physical Therapy class requirement, Eric Bader, Kayla Kaschinske, Adam Nell, and Amy Pearce chose to develop a Physical Therapy Education Station at a Special Olympics Wisconsin event in April, focusing on exercises and stretches to improve athletes’ skills. As a result, SOWI has sparked an interest for these future professionals and engaged athletes in opportunities and resources related to their health. Approximately 275 athletes, coaches, and family members participated in low and high balance activities, grip strength testing, and vertical jump activities. As SOWI’s Healthy Communities Project Director, I help my Program create communities where Special Olympics athletes and those with intellectual disabilities have the same access to health and wellness resources as others. Working with young professionals in the healthcare field will help extend the impact, relevance and sustainability of our health programming.

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SOWI’s Healthy Communities Project Director


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