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Tuesday 9th of April 2013 Unified Day at the Lebanese International University (LIU), Saida Campus: A real bond is established with the students of the LIU since 2010 the year we officially introduced SO mission to LIU management team. And since that day, students are always eager to do activities with SOL athletes. On Tuesday the 9th of April 2013, a unified football, 7 aside was organized at LIU Saida Campus, in the south of Lebanon (SOL south subprogram). 35 members of the social club were happy to welcome SOL athletes for a sporty afternoon. They requested the presence of SOL athlete leader Rami to comment on the game. SOL athletes already know their partners since they met previously on different occasion on and off the sports fields. At the sound of music, the games started and students kept coming in to the sound of music and after reading about this special event on Facebook. Happy vibes were noted around whereby teams were playing, youth were sheering them up and dancing. Rami liked the microphone and did not leave it for a bit. The girls got motivated and wanted to join the game. A second match was announced comprising girls’ athletes and partners. The play was highly applauded by admirers around. Medals and souvenirs were exchanged between players with the promise to plan another encounter very soon. In parallel, when asked, LIU students are happily ready to train youth on social media, photography, reporting and public speaking themes during SOL upcoming Youth Workshop to be held on Saturday 18th of May 2013.

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