Unified Basketball Game

The unifed basketball game was a wonderful experience that allowed me to meet a variety of people. To be there was very exciting although we didn't win all the games and we were the youngest ones there, it was nice to learn about the other teams ability. The other teams played really well, but I was extremely proud of my team because of the great sportsmanship and enthusism they displayed. My team and I were very happy to win the bronze. Although the trip was far I feel it was well worth it. I also found it interesting to see the different team uniforms; they all displayed character especially our uniform which was a great promoter of Spread The Word To End The Word. Our coaches were so supportive that they really made our team feel comfortable in the interesting situation of being the only high school competing against all adults. I thought it was a really gesture from our coaches to treat us to McDonald's as it provided us all with bonding time. Overall,I thought it was great.

About Me:

I am Sleepy Hollow Highschool student. I am an athlete on the Pioneer League. I am 17 years old.