Empowering Youth

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r-ack volunteer team at the City Center - Bahrain
March 28th was a busy Thursday for Wael and his team. They have to work overnight, at 2.00 am in the morning to fix the R-ack booth at the city center, when the mall is closed to visitors. What was amazing is the number of people stopping by to ask about the r-word campaign, its purpose and how to be involved. On week-end, Saudi and Kuwaiti citizens come to Bahrain. When learning about the campaign, they were interested in carrying similar activities locally and asked for youth assistance. At the mall, the booth site was offered for free. AMG Company sponsored the event for the second year in a row securing chairs, booth, banners, couch…. They already met Wael and when he visited them this year asking for their support they were more than happy to sponsor the event. * Why the “R-ack”? (Logo in header) A tree that grows in the Desert of El Hijaz Island with tangled roots. It is known to resist thirst and is always green. It bears fruit in March, similar to our global campaign scheduled officially in March, bearing a message of unity among people. R-ack nomination of the r-word campaign came from a group of motivated youth to illustrate their message of connectivity.

About Me:

I am in charge of the youth committee in Bahrain. Been involved in SO Bahrain since 2008 during SOMENA Regional Youth Summit in Abu Dhabi, joinned SOI global congress as a youth leader in Morocco 2010