The Power Of Empathy

I'm writing about a very powerful commodity in Special Olympics and that's Empathy. The usual method I have to bring about Empathy is to tell people of the fact that before I joined Special Olympics I was treated horribly and I'm fully convinced the only way I got diagnosed was when I was bleeding and with a Black Eye and Broken Nose. I told the principal that there was nothing he could do to make my life worse. That's how I got help. The important bit about all of this is that in every country in the world there are a significant amount of Asperger's people going through abuse, bullying, Home education, and worse and they quite often end up with Mental Health, Anger Managment, and end up in Prison, Psych Ward or Homeless. Now I know people with Down Syndrome and Autism have similiar problems. The key to all of this is to convince people that what would happen if that was there son or daughter, or there Brother or Sister? If we can get the world to do this then things will change. So let's use the athletes.

About Me:

Hi my name is Ben Haack. I'm an Athlete Leader from Australia. I have been involved in Special Olympics for Fourteen Years. I have Aspergers, which is commonly known as ASD.