It began on a whim...

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Volley on!
Sometimes the best things just happen. Over a year ago, youngest daughter Elizabeth approached Head Coach Molly Alvey of the University of Cincinnati’s Lady Bearcats team. Elizabeth wanted to organize a volleyball clinic where the players of the 3 SOHC teams could play and learn alongside their collegiate peers. Coach Molly didn’t hesitate. Shortly thereafter, the SOHC athletes participated in their first clinic on the home court of the Lady Bearcats. Since then, SOHC Athletes have become the Lady Bearcats biggest fans, cheering at games, serving it up in quick clinics and wishing the Bearcats well with posters and good wishes on their way to the Big East finals.On April 18th during a unified scrimmage, Special Olympics of Hamilton County athletes and the UC Lady Bearcats bumped, set and spiked together and it was glorious… What may have begun as caprice has become a relationship where the love of the game and the fellowship of friends triumphed over the fear of differences.

About Me:

Leslie Daly is the extremely proud mother of Special Olympian Katie Daly and Volleyball coach Lizzy Daly. Being active participants with Special Olympics has enriched our lives beyond measure.