"An Invitation to Dignity Revolution” Lecture at SISU

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Invited by the Dean of International Journalism School of Shanghai International Studies University, Ms. Mary Gu, Regional President & Managing Director of Special Olympics East Asia gave a lecture themed “An Invitation to Dignity Revolution” to around 60 students. Many inspirational stories were shared from Andy Miyares and Michel Kozoris who have been featured on the billboard in Times Square, Matthew Williams who ran for the 3rd Special Olympics Athlete Congress Chairman and finally made it, to the motivational speech given by Loretta Claiborne without script at hand, the remarkable Lai Jing who signed off human organ donation agreement. Later at the lecture, Mary invited every attendee to join in Special Olympics by starting from tiny actions such as promoting Special Olympics on their social accounts, participating in Special Olympics initiatives and spreading their experiences to peers, organizing school clubs and become volunteers, unified partners, etc.

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