From West to East: Washington Coach visits Tokyo

Ms. Punkie Doyle (centre, in red sweatshirt) together with the Special Olympics Nippon athletes in Tokyo.

The Tokyo office in Special Olympics Nippon received a wonderful guest from Washington in March. Ms. Punkie Doyle is an athletics coach for Special Olympics Washington. She lived in Tokyo when she was a student. Currently, Ms. Doyle’s son is studying in Tokyo, and she took the chance to visit him. When we received the mail from Special Olympics Washington saying that Ms. Doyle is visiting and would like to meet with athletics athletes in Tokyo, we were really pleased, and always enjoy having guests from abroad. It is a lot of fun to exchange Special Olympics experiences and share feelings. 

Unfortunately, it rained on the day of Ms. Doyle’s visit and athletics training was canceled. So, we took her and her son to the basketball program instead. After the program, Ms. Doyle expressed her enjoyment in a mail, saying, “I was very impressed with the coaches - they were so caring and even more so -very actively involved. I'd like to see more of our American coaches, out on the floor, scrimmaging with the athletes." 

Isn't it great that you can truly enjoy yourself with Special Olympics whenever you visit? The Special Olympics movement is truly bringing the world together.

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