Crossing the Desert for Special Olympics

Desert Run
Joel Meredith (left) and Roberto Rivola (right) will compete at The Gobi March (China), June 2-8.
On June 2nd, I will once again be racing across another desert in support of Special Olympics. This time crossing the Gobi desert, I will continue my quest to complete the 4 Deserts series of ultra-distance stage events. But I won't be alone... I will once again be joined by Roberto Rivola, a native Swiss runner who is also seeking to complete the series and who also supports Special Olympics (Switzerland). I met Roberto at an event in South America and we have raced together ever since. In his own words, Roberto explains why he chooses to support Special Olympics. "They live the true sports, fight until the end not forgetting the fun. I want to help them and the volunteers let their dreams come true." I share his sentiment and, just as Roberto, strive to spread the word and raise support for an incredible organization. I continue to support S.O. as a tribute to my niece Madison, who is a thriving Special Olympian. Support Roberto Rivola by giving at the link below.

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I am an ultra-distance endurance athlete who competes at events in the U.S, as well as internationally. I am sponsored by Nature's Bakery and Swiftwick. I am based in Nashville, TN.


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