They made our Day!! SO Lebanon YA demonstration South Sub-Program

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Zeinab and Aya sunny faces
For almost 90 minutes, on Thursday the 30th of May 2013, before noon, at “Emam El Sader Foundation”, in door sport court, 40 young athletes demonstrated HAPPILY. They represented 4 institutions/foundation in the South, taking care of individuals with different abilities: EL Emam Sadr Foundation, El Hanane, Ita el Shaab Mussan Institutions. 10 kids represented each institution. Since September, children were trained twice a week/ 45 minutes or on daily training/45 minutes (it differs from one institution to another). In today’s event, the ratio of athlete to coach/volunteer was almost 1/1. Circle of activity includes 8 stations to develop the following 8 skills: 1.Ball kicking 2.Obstacle/balance 3.Baseball 4.Basketball 5.Ball move 6.Follow the leader 7.Floor hokey 8.Tunnels & Bridges 1 time athlete over 8 different sports stations: To warm them up and get them acquainted, children were invited to form a circle and sing together for 15 minutes at different songs as “if you are happy clap your hand”. Afterward YA were distributed over 8 groups/5 members/group, with different colored name tags: yellow, white, red, pink, green, blue, orange and purple. At each sport station the young athletes has 3 trials to complete. 2 volunteers were standing at each station to welcome athletes, help and follow-them up in their activities. Each group moved from one station to the next based on the list the coach has at hand and the activity name posted on the wall. Young Athletes demonstrated at the sound of music. Though the children came from different institutions and separated over 8 different groups they blended beautifully and followed instruction thoroughly. Sandwiches, juices were distributed to all to salute their effort. When asked, all communicated their happiness to join in and will wait gladly to relive this experience. A big thank you goes to all participants and especially to Emam El Sadr Foundation for welcoming and organizing this event.

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