Philadelphia Interscholastic Athletic Association partners with Special Olympics

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May 31st at Philadelphia's first-ever Unified Sports Soccer Championship, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) announced its partnership with Special Olympics. This relationship will expand Unified Sports in PIAA member schools assisting them in providing athletic opportunities for athletes with disabilities. The announcement was part of opening ceremonies at Frankford High School Memorial Stadium. The Championship was the first-ever Unified Soccer course and featured athletes and partners from 10 high schools across Philadelphia. George Washington High School PE Teacher & Coach John Creighton shares the benefits "The confidence and the pure joy I've seen from the Special Ed kids when they're ready for class. The Unified partners and athletes are more excited about coming to this class every single day than any other class in the school. We're building a culture that this is the class you want to have, Sports for Acceptance, before you graduate."

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I am the Senior Manager for Unified Sports with Special Olympics.


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