I'm in special Ed

Hi I'm Elizabeth. I'm 18 and I have a heart problem and I'm in special Ed. People bully me almost everyday. I don't like school sometimes. There are bullies in my class. They are mean. People call me ugly dumb weird awkward stupid. I'm the smartest kid in my class. I love my boyfriend and my family. I love God, my friends. I'm a cheerleader. I love dancing, I love music, I love animals, I love little kids, I love to laugh. I smile everyday. Even if I'm sad I smile. My friends use the r word and my sister says the r word a lot also. I wish my family and my friends were in my shoes. I want them to know how it feels to be in special Ed and get bullied and made fun of. I want them to know how it feels when people hate you because you're in special Ed and they don't like you. I was born with Williams syndrome. People laugh at me because I can't help what I was born with. Yes I was delayed when I was born but it doesn't mean that I'm stupid, it just means that I need help.

About Me:

hi I'm Elizabeth I'm 18 I love cheerleading I love to dance and I love music I'm in 12 th grade I love god family and my friends I love to laugh I love animals I love little kids I love one direction