As a Coach in Unified Sports..

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Part of the Singapore Unified Team, now in Bangkok, vying for a spot in the Special Olympics Global Unified Cup.
As a coach in Unified Sports, we believe strongly in our athletes, to become a better person, then, as a sportsman. In defeat, we look for leaders, athletes, partners, coaches, to rise to the occasion, to display courage, and fight on. In a stalemate, we look for the little things, what can we do better. In victory, we respect the game, we respect our opponent. Never to humiliate, never to ridicule, never to criticise. Today, I know that i can be a better coach, I believe that the partners can make our athletes shine brighter. Athletes, Give your best, and leave everything on the pitch. We will sweat, bleed, tackle, sprint, pass, move, score, celebrate. The Special Lions will not let Singapore down. Majulah !

About Me:

Volunteer Coach with Special Olympics Singapore, currently in Bangkok for the Special Olympics Global Unified Cup APAC qualifier.