Seeing the impact of Healthy Athletes programs

230x300 Tim New Glasses
Tim's new sunglasses
At our Summer Games this past weekend, Bill Fish (Executive Vice President of Development & Partnerships) and Pam Byrd (Individual Giving Director) were giving a tour to our U-Care contact in the Healthy Athletes Opening Eyes tent. Dave Reach from the Lion's Club was explaining how the program worked when suddenly Tim, one of our athletes, walked right up to the group and held out an eyeglass case containing a new pair of prescription sunglasses. We think it's the first pair of sunglasses he's ever owned. Tim is non-verbal, but his delighted expression said a million words. He was so excited when they asked him to put them on and told him how handsome he looked. He hugged the whole group -- not once, not twice, but three times. He continued to approach everyone and anyone to show off his new glasses. It truly made our day.

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