Being a Special Olympics Pakistan Athlete how it has changed my life

Being a special olympics athlete in Pakistan
Being a part of Special Olympics Pakistan athlete has taught me so many things about life. I am living in a dreamworld where there is no one. But if I step out of the invisible circle which is Special Olympics then I feel scared, alone and sad. But when I am inside the circle I feel happy and safe. I don't feel scared any more because I know that I have my special families and friends and our sweet and hard working delegations. With them I have so much fun. I love to help them. Sometimes I feel that the kids who are special too and who are not with us in Special Olympics call me for help and I talk to them. There are my invisible friends , they also talk to me then I try to help them. And sometimes it works too ....... If I wasn't in the special Olympics I wonder what my life would be like I❤Special Olympics Pakistan ..

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Hi I am jasmine sharif , I am in the special Olympics alps board