We can count on each other with a depth of understanding between us

The great pleasure and honour are all mine, whose whole spiritual soul always seeks to stand up for your same precious beings' rights and privileges who must not be differ from the ordinary and the able-bodied people, to be likely to meet and see all of you come from all around the world. You all are great, precious, beautiful, courageous, practical, wise (never can all of you be regarded as intellecutal disabilities. It is my, our, their pride and prejudices which should have perished over the global village), aggressive, positive, . . ., and above all, your great smiles are melting down and comforting or repairing us all's barriers of life + haughty + misjudgements + other many countless number of unprovoked treatments + . . ., + all sorts of ordeals and pains. You all are superior to us-like human species who are a voluntary addict to this era's all wrong routines of life + 's the almighty dollar principle or mammonism + materialism. So, this shameful worldling respects you all.

About Me:

just hopes to be a reliable friend or colleague for you all-same precious beings to put together and be one between the both sides with human unity and harmony.