My best experience..with Special Olympics!

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With the Special Olympics Bharat delegation.
Being a part of Special Olympics was my best experience ever. I was a liaison for Special Olympics Bharat (India) during Special Olympics Asia Pacific Football Global Unified Cup held in Bangkok, Thailand. At first I have no idea what Special Olympics was until my teachers gave me a short brief about it. When I knew that some players have intellectual disability, I was nervous because I didn’t know whether I will treat them the right way. But when I met them, my ideas about them are completely changed. Both athletes and unified partners ate, talked, played, laughed and cried together. They helped each other through the game and other situations. I felt that they were not just friends but they were a family. Seven days sounds like a long period of time for many people but for me seven days of being with my team was not enough! Trust me, you will not believe me until you are a part of this amazing moment. My new family (my team) gave me warmth, and the best memory ever.

About Me:

University student and Volunteer for the Special Olympics Global Unified Cup.