Cargill supports Special Olympics Honduras

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Cargil's Special Olympics Honduras stand.
Tegucigalpa-- On June 23 Cargill, our Special Olympics Honduras sponsor decided to help the program by representing us in one of the most important events in Honduras, The International Marathon La Prensa. More than 60 employees of Cargill ran on behalf of Special Olympics and donated on behalf of each rider L.1000.00 to the program. Moreover, our athletes had a stand where the program provided information, made ​​snacks and bracelets for sale to the general public. This marathon attracted about 4,000 people from different places in Honduras and internationally. The marathon is part of the Juniana fair and it is a sportif party where all the people from San Pedro wait as a family. An excellent initiative on the part of Cargill and Special Olympics applet Cortés who organized this participation.

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