Zhao Zengzeng: I hope I can work here forever!

300x200 Zhao Zengzeng
Special Olympics Ambassador Zhao Zengzeng has now graduated, but where is she now? Eager to answer this question, our reporters knocked on her door and were welcomed in by a smiling Zhao Zengzeng, who made us feel at home by offering us tea and fruit and asking us whether we had had a tiring trip. Zhao Zengzeng's mother told our reporters, "Zengzeng is lucky that her coworkers have given her so much love over the last few years. It's helped her to grow up in a very healthy way." After graduating from special school, Zhao Zengzeng, who suffers from Down syndrome, did not go on to work in a special factory placement like most people with intellectual disabilities. Instead, she became a regular employee at a Papa John's restaurant, where she works from 10 am to 7 pm and is treated like all the other employees.

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I am part of the staff of Special Olympics in East Asia.


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