Sandras Kamau is no longer alone

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On the 25th May Special Olympics Kenya hosted a competition for 11 Special Schools from 5 districts in Nakuru. The event which saw a total of 152 and 30 coaches participating was held at the Nakura Agricultural Society of Kenya’s grounds. Sponsors at the event included the Industrial Credit and Development Corporation (ICDC) as the main sponsor, Kivu, Happy Cow and Crown paints. A number of special guests from the Nakuru County, the education and sports departments, the business fraternity, and many family members where there to cheer on and support our athletes. 16 new families and 3 young athletes were recruited through this event, with athletes competing in Unified® handball, football and athletics. Amongst the young athletes that attended was five year old Sandras Kamau who was accompanied by his grandmother. For young Sandras and his grandmother, this was a day like no other. It was the first time ever that he participated in a sports activity; his laughter as he was either throwing or catching a ball could not go unnoticed. The joy that was being experienced by both the grandmother and grandson could not just pass as something ordinary. On this day Special Olympics Kenya did not only host a competition but created hope for Sandras and his grandmother. As a baby, Sandras was rejected and abandoned, but fortunately for Sandras his grandmother was given custody of him. On this day his grandmother had heard about the Special Olympics event and had brought him to attend. Sandras cannot walk but this did not in any way deter him from having fun, he could crawl towards the ball and he could throw! Soon he was playing, throwing and catching the ball with his grandmother and other young athletes. When she saw how happy the grandson was,

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