Colin's Gift to His Mom: Inspiration!

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Colin's mom says: “With Special Olympics, there’s this inspirational feeling watching my little athlete and the other little athletes. They work so hard to accomplish things that come so easily to others.”
Kelli laughs when she thinks about her first contact with Special Olympics, back when she was expecting her first baby. It was a cold February day, when she stood cheering on the beach as a friend jumped into icy waters at a Special Olympics Polar Plunge fund-raiser. “I thought it was a crazy thing to do – but for a great cause.” Her baby, Colin, was born a few months later, and the diagnosis of Down syndrome came as a shock. Kelli says she and her husband had a lot of adjustments to make. She says she got through that tough time thanks to a lot of support, including lots from Special Olympics. “Special Olympics has been a real community – it’s been so good to be among people who understand. It’s also been a real learning experience." Four years later, Colin is growing into a funny and independent kid who loves playing and swimming -- and the Special Olympics Young Athletes program!

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