Liberator Sub-program Held A Young Athletes ™ Festival

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Group of children and instructors participationg at the Festival
Caracas, July 2013. - On Wednesday July 17 afternoon, Liberator held the Special Olympics Young Athletes ™ Festival on a public sports field in the community of Caricuao in the UD-4 sector of Curpa. Reinaldo Espinoza, Director of Sports Training, Special Olympics Venezuela said: "This is the third Young Athletes ™ Festival organized by Special Olympics Venezuela with the purpose of offering children under 8 years activities specifically adapted for them so that those who are not yet old enough can also compete in Special Olympics Venezuela sporting events. I want to mention that Young Athletes ™ program in Venezuela started since 2005. We are yet to hold events in other parts of the country. I hope that with the passage of time, we can increase the number of both participants and instructors ". During this festival the children put into practice the skills they have worked on since January.

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