Oh the Stories this Athlete Can Tell

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Bob Molloy of Transylvania County, NC leaps into the air during his local Spring Games competition.
There’s just one word to describe Special Olympics athlete Bob Molloy of Transylvania County, “Active” with a capital “A”! Molloy is 60 years young and competes in four different sports – athletics (track & field), basketball, bocce and bowling. He found Special Olympics just five years ago when he moved to Brevard from Hendersonville and went from living independently to a group home. “He lives for Special Olympics,” said Edie Crowell, Molloy’s group home resident manager. “It has really impacted his life. He’s more outgoing and confident and he’s always trying to enlist others to join him. I’m jealous! I’m six years younger than him and he can do a whole lot better than me!” “I try to keep on moving,” said Molloy, who is employed by Ingles, a local grocery store. He volunteers with the Knights of Columbus and other various charities in town. He also visits the library several times a week. “If I sit down, then it’s only to write my stories. After state basketball, a lady asked me if I was 40. Ha! I just said thank you.” Molloy is a prolific writer, who documents his life experiences just about every day. He shares his stories by mailing copies to family, friends and fellow Special Olympics athletes and coaches. He writes about his competitions and keeps logs of statistics from games and awards he’s won as well as those of other athletes from his county. He also details his vacations over the years and collects photos from all his outings. He saves his stories in scrapbooks and stores them in filing cabinets. “We jokingly refer to him as the packrat,” said Crowell. “It’s impressive. In fact, last summer he hurt his right wrist during the (Special Olympics North Carolina) Summer Games in Raleigh. It wasn’t broken but couldn’t be used for about six weeks so he learned to write with his left hand just so he could continue to write his stories!” The story on Molloy is simply that he loves sports and is quite competitive.

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