My little Dania

I did not know that the birth of my little Dania (Nono) would change my life. She was born in August 1989 in Iraq when we were still suffering from about 10 years of economic sanctions. As a pediatrician, I recognized from the first day that my baby has Down syndrome. The resources in our country are still limited and to a degree I remained powerless, not knowing how to deal with her.

By the help of friends, I had the opportunity to contact the AlSharjah center for early intervention in the United Arab Emirates. From there my journey to rehabilitate Dania started with the help of their staff, thanks a lot for their sincere efforts. Now Dania has reached the 5th primary class level of education.

I met by chance the Great Lady, Dr Ahlam , who is supervising her training for swimming and preparing her to share in Special Olympics. I hope I meet you in the Olympic Games.

About Me:

I am Yusra AbdulRahman Mahmood, Prof. in pediatrics working in Ibn Seina Medical College, Baghdad, Iraq. Interested in addition to my speciality in medical education and research. I get a lot of experience through dealing with my daughter Dania, so I tried to help the families who have children with Down syndrome, providing advice, psychological supports, health education, treating any medical problems. I am happy with my acheievement but still I want to proceed in my efforts to help children with Down syndrome.