A Recognition of His Efforts

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Marco Antonio Beaven Ciapara
Marco Antonio Beaven Ciapara was summoned by the Special Olympics Mexico selective committee to participate in the Special Olympics Games to be held in New Jersey, USA. The renowned athlete once again received recognition from national sports authorities as one of their greatest achievements in various sports competitions and will undoubtedly bring his experience and passion in defending the national colors. Since 2005 to date, the player has achieved a total of 12 gold medals in 7 state and national competitions. If there is a special guaymense national athlete in the limelight in recent years in state and national events, it is Marco Antonio Beaven Ciapara who has made good use of the opportunities provided to him by the municipal and state sports authorities. "I'm happy for the trust you have given me to be joining the national softball selective team. I think we are making good way.”

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