Special Lad turned into Rock Star

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Abbas a Rock Star
An NGO "Hope" which comes under Nixor College official House Of Dreams welfare society organized a two week summer camp in June and a theater show by Special children on 8th July 2013.Twenty five children from Special Olympics Pakistan attended the camp and were taught arts & crafts and were given music classes. Abbas was one of the athletes from Special Olympics Pakistan and loved the music classes a lot. He was a shy guy but during music classes he was introduced to different instruments and was encouraged to sing and dance which led this young lad to finally perform on the stage. He performed like a Rock star and his family could not believe the change which led him to perform so well.The happiness cannot be captured in black and white but was evident in the live performances put up by the athletes of Special Olympics Pakistan, that if given a chance the stardom is achieved and so did Abbas with a huge round of applause by the excited audience.Well done Abbas as you made us all proud because of your Superb Performance.

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I am the Global Family Leader of Asia Pacific and the National Coordinator of Family Support Network Special Olympics Pakistan.