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You know a winning photo when you see it! This one has it all - determination, action, cheers.
Jim Cayer is a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department and a passionate photographer. Six or seven years ago Jim tagged along to a Special Olympics event with a fellow law enforcement officer. Why not, he thought, I love taking photos. He enjoyed his time and has been photographing Special Olympics competitions every year since. Jim is a volunteer and gives selflessly of his time, he is not looking for recognition or profit. But he likes hearing from athletes’ families and is always glad to share photos, free of charge. Jim takes many sports action shots but he loves photographing Special Olympics events because these competitions are sports at their purest, is all about fun and joy. Events get competitive (if you think otherwise you have not been to one of our events!) but the happiness is always there, whether the athlete comes in first or last. Jim, thank you for sharing your talent – you are helping us show the world all that is great about Special Olympics!

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