Oxygen Of Life

I am living in a suburban area near the capital of Punjab (Lahore), in Pakistan. Mr Khalid Shahzad and his wife, Lubna, visited our home in 2007. At that time I did not know them. My mother and elder sister brought me in to their school in Shahdara (Dorothea center for Special Children). I started my school, and every day a school van picked me up and dropped me off. One day, I picked up white ball, and my teacher told me that I should throw it. I tried but never, many times a day. Then, there was Special Olympics. I threw that white ball, and I was stands at one possession. It was oxygen provided by Special Olympics Punjab and its volunteer team. As every parent has a dream for their daughter to seem normal but the society is always discouraging to the parents and sibling, but the role of Mr. and Mrs. Khalid Shahzad has promoted my parents' attitude to face the society and I prove to live as much better.

About Me:

Working for the empowerment of person with special needs without any religious discrimination, race, caste and creed. Providing them all necessary opportunities to my students.