The Fabulous Five at Kazan 2013

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Enjoy an action-packed video diary of seven Special Olympics Russia athletes taking the 27th World University Summer Games by storm last July in the city of Kazan. In this video you will see how the athletes overcame their nerves to participate in a 500 meter freestyle swim in front of 3,000 spectators. Their bravery earned tumultuous cheering and a standing ovation. Kazan 2013 represented the first high profile multi-sport event in the history of modern Russia. Share in the fun of the athletes as they enjoy a well-earned tour of the historic city. But the greatest highlight of all has to be when the Fabulous Five meet the Russian University Basketball Team. After hearing the story of the athletes and the Special Olympics Movement the team were amazed that the five athletes were not awarded a medal of participation. So taking matters into their own hands, the head coach Vasily Karaseve awarded them with a commemorative Kazan 2013 golden badge on behalf of his team.

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