Collin's Gained Self Confidence and Motivation

Collin waving to his coaches after receiving his very first gold medal!

My son was invited to join Special Olympics at age 9. He had been diagnosed with a delayed learning disability at age 3. 

Collin receives physical therapy, speech, and title one assistance at this local school. He had participated in sports with peers his age, for town sports, but could never keep up with the athletes who did not have any disabilities. Collin never liked sports. 

But, when he was invited to give Special Olympics a try, he joined and was excited after his very first track practice. He does not like to run, but he ran the 50 meter run every week. The joy that the coaches and volunteers brought, along with enthusiasm and encouragement, is like no other sport. Collin ran the 50 meter run at state, and participated in the softball throw. He earned a gold medal for running and bronze in the softball throw. Collin's smile said it all! 

He is now in his 2nd yr. and just earned 2 gold medals in the regional swim meet. He will be swimming at state on October 19. Love!!!!

About Me:

I am a proud mother of 5 children, ages 6-19 years. Special Olympics has made my 10-year-old son enthusiastic and overwhelmed with joy for sports! I encourage anyone to attend a Special Olympics meet and see for themselves how it changes lives!