You Light Up My Life- Special Olympics NC Athlete- Caroline Robertson

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Ten year-old Special Olympics NC athlete Caroline Robertson of Duplin County loves to run.
Seeing the wind in her hair and the smile on her face as she ran down the track in her first Special Olympics competition was overwhelming for the friends and family of Caroline Robertson of Duplin County. In 2011, the 8-year-old who didn’t walk until she was 5 and then only with the help of a walker was accomplishing what no one ever thought possible. “Special Olympics allowed her to be part of a competition for the first time ever,” said her mother Brenda Robertson. “The tears were flowing that day that’s for sure. She used to watch my older son compete and you could always see that look in her face, wondering why can’t I do stuff like this and now she could. It was overwhelming for sure.” Read more at the link below.

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SONC VP of Communications. Caroline is one amazing little girl and her friends and family are truly blessed to have her in their lives.


Special Olympics NC - Duplin County Athlete- Caroline Robertson's 1st Special Olympics NC race!
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