Special Olympics Leaves a Mark on Former Professional Wrestler

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Daryl Wilson of Fayetteville, NC shows off his Special Olympics tattoo.
“Krazy Kyle” loved wrestling in hardcore matches even if he was getting a chair smashed on his head or a thumb jammed in his eye. The pain was brutal but his opponent paid the price too. Such is the life of a professional wrestler. Special Olympics athlete Daryl Wilson AKA “Krazy Kyle” lived out his dream working in the world of professional wrestling on the independent circuit in North Carolina, even appearing in several WWE (non-televised) events for nearly nine years. The Cumberland County resident can still feel the lasting effects of those days. “I loved it but my body didn’t, “said the 37 year-old who left wrestling due to the toll it took on his body. “Everything was scripted for the most part but my back is messed up and I don’t have any cartilage left in my left shoulder. Still I enjoyed it; my favorite thing was seeing the smiles on the little kids’ faces. That was the best. “ Read more at the link below.

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SONC VP of Communications. I recently trained Daryl as a Global Messenger. He is a wonderful guy! He truly loves Special Olympics and wants everyone to know it -thus the tattoo.


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