Special Olympics Mauritania Loses A Dear Athlete

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Ould in SO Mauritania National Games
Special Olympics Mauritania lost one of its dear athletes. Ould Mohamed El-Sheikh was born on July 1st 1979 in Nouakchott. He joined Special Olympics Mauritania in 1999, where he practiced athletics and had extraordinary talents in running. He participated in all SO Mauritania National Games and played a big role in supervising athletes saying the Special Olympics Oath in any of the openings. Later on, he became a spokesman for the athletes and member of the board of directors in 2006. In that same year, he participated in Dubai’s Athletes Leadership Program for MENA Region. Recently, Ould took part in many SO Mauritania activities, such as sports days & healthy athletes screening that were held in the city of Nouadhibou in April 2013. In September 2013, he was hit with Malaria fever and taken to the national hospital in Nouakchott, where his case gradually worsened and he passed away. All he left were good memories, feeling and friendships, as he was dedicated, sincere and kind hearted.

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