60 New Judo Coaches Trainied and Certified in Athens

Judo in Athens
60 Judo Coaches gather in Greece for training on working with people with intellectual disabilities.
Another amazing event took place last weekend in Athens. 60 Judo coaches from all over Greece, Russia and Poland participated in a Judo Seminar (Theory and Practice)and are now fully trained to provide judo coaching to athletes with intellectual disabilities. The seminar took place at the amphitheater of the DEREE – American College of Athens and the Fokianos National Gymnasium. The seminar under the leadership of Special Olympics Hellas officials as well as of Thomas Rundqvist, Tycho Van der Werff and Tryphon Peppas, aimed at familiarizing Judo Coaches in the Special Olympics Philosophy, General Sports, Rules and Judo Specific Rules. Attendees, at the end of the seminar, following practical tests and evaluation, were awarded with Certificates of Training Sufficiency which will enable them to join the Special Olympics Volunteer Coaches Force and start offering training opportunities in Judo to people with intellectual disabilities in their home countries.

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